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Q. What is Malanka?

A. It's how Ukrainian's celebrate Ukrainian New Year!

Q. What kind of attire do I wear?

A. We'd appreciate formal attire so everyone can celebrate in style!  Suit and tie and gowns recommended.

Q. Are children under 5 allowed to come?

A. Children under 5 have free admission.  We love to see families celebrate together!

Q. Do I have to be a UACC member to attend?

A. Everyone is welcome, however, members receive a discount that extends to immediate family members living in the same household.  (If mom has a membership, her husband and children receive the discount as well?)

Q. Is this a fundraiser?

A. YES!  The Ukrainian-American Cultural Center is a public charity which means we raise funds and coordinate events to keep our public charity status in order to help local organizations and support our mission. 

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