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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Starting out as a small church with 2-3 additions over the course of it's life, the building now known as the UACC or the Ukrainian-American Cultural Center has completed some renovation projects and more are under way. The last big change was the addition of the kitchen and upstairs room adjacent to the main hall in the 1970's. Completed in 2018, that upstairs room was remodeled to accommodate storage for tables and chairs, a costume closet for the Zorepad Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and the addition of an upstairs unisex bathroom.

The next hurdle was to remodel and update the downstairs bathrooms which turned into a bathroom/pool room/kitchen remodel. Looking into the future, the idea was to create a pleasant lounge type setting. After much discussion, two ideas were voted upon for the new remodel and it came down to the two posts in the middle of the we keep them or hide them and make a wall separating the space. Sometimes too much change is too much, so the posts stayed as they are with a new cosmetic look. I still like the wall idea.

The remodel came out pretty close to the original renderings and we added the skylines of Lviv and Kyiv!

More improvements are currently being made like updating exterior doors and older elements that need replacing like a new roof. With this behind us....what to work on next?

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